Timber Sash Windows: Some Elementary Facts

Published: 02nd February 2010
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Timber sash windows are extremely popular in houses of any age. Incorporated primarily in homes during Victorian and Georgian periods, timber sash windows are made from either hardwood or softwood. While time-honoured timber sash windows of ages past were single glazed, the up-to-date ones are normally double glazed, with the intervening space filled with air or argon gas for the most effective insulation.

Concerning Timber Sash Windows

The phrase "sash window" is descriptive of a type of window that has sliding panels with a weight and pulley structure which smoothes the opening and closing process. Timber sash windows have an unfilled area within the frame which contains weights which aid the window in opening and closing. The weights are dangling on a cord which is affixed to the wooden frame. The cords are designed from a sturdy substance cotton or nylon external finish which cuts down on wear.

Kinds of Wood Incorporated

Timber sash windows are designed from wood including pine, mahogany, redwood and oak. For the most resilience the wood is pressure treated using resins and chemical additions. In addition, the wood should be treated using fungicide and insecticide. Even if the case is that the wood is constructed mainly out of softwood, the sill is generally manufactured from hardwood. The finishes on timber windows can be paint, stain or varnish. If you are going to paint a window, first and foremost it needs to be treated with a primer which will guarantee adequate paint adhesion. When you want a natural appearance which emphasizes the wood's natural colour and grain, select a stain or see-through varnish.

Window Pane Formation

Glass panes may be placed into timber sash windows in various compositions. To illustrate, a traditional Georgian-style window would contain six panes of glass in each individual sash. In numerous windows, like the Queen Anne, just the sash at the top has various panes, but the sash at the bottom has only a single pane. In the Victorian epoch, bay windows fitted with sliding box sashes were both effectual and trendy. Double glazed windows have soundproofing qualities along with their insulating properties.

Details, Details, Details

The most effective timber sash windows are especially constructed by craftsmen who will expertly match them to the design of your home. Although the windows might appear to be customary, they will still have present day window technology which promises superior quality insulation aspects, security, sturdiness, dependability and finish. Superior windows will conform to all relevant standards and regulations, including FENSA requirements and European excellence and building standards case in point
EN1279 and EN14351.

What about Environmental Concerns?

Timber has a very low embedded energy value. In accordance with this the energy that it takes to create and issue timber window products is not as much as alternate kinds of windows such as those made from aluminium or uPVC, a form of plastic. 85% of wood that comes into the UK is taken in from European countries which have regime supervised forest management schemes. Nearly 50,000 Britons have jobs related to forestry which account for about 20% of the UK's wood manufacturing. Whenever a tree is cut down, a couple of other ones are planted in its place.

The choice seems simple -- timber sash windows are attractive, strong and ecologically sound.

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